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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dont let the cold weather put a freeze on your workouts

                   With the temperatures plummeting this time of year, many of us tend to hibernate inside our homes. Hibernating is for bears, not for fit junkiea like us so get out of your bed and warm yourself with so physical fitness.

                 As humans it's important to stay active through all four seasons. At least half the population does not exercise during the winter season.Just because it is cold outside doesn't make it open season for an excuse not to exercise. I know for me it is a depressing time because I look in the mirrow and tell myself I need to go to the gym, but I am too lazy to go out in the cold to walk over even. I know I will feel 10 times better if I do, but its hard to get the motivation when you know that during this season you are covered with so many layers you cant even tell that you are getting out of shape.

               I am not saying that you need to hit the gym as hard as you would to get that summer beach body but it is important to stay toned for your health and so you are not struggling to play catch up when the spring rolls around. There are multiple exercise options one can choose to participate in regardless of what the outdoor thermometer reads. Depending on your location and likes, you can choose to workout inside or outside.
               If the thought of getting outside to exercise makes you dive under the covers, instead choose an indoor workout option. Swimming is a great exercise to get a full body workout that makes you feel fast and light. there are many fun exercises your can do such as water aerobics, walking, or running laps in the water. With many holidays approaching with the winter season, most people go to the mall or the stores to do some shopping. So if you are going to the mall to shop, you might as well spend a little extra time to walk around and burn some calories.

                      It might seem like the season to stay in the house and keep to yourself, but actually it is the perfect time to get out and meet new people. There are many walking group that become active during the cold season. Or, you could join a health club and change up your physical activities every week.

                By staying fit during winter you'll be able to avoid gaining weight, have a head start on swimsuit season. We need to continue to stay healthy for ourselves because winter is a season where people can easily fall into depression. So if you keep active and pick your energy up, you will be more productive and have a positive attitude.

Keep Sweating It!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Exercise helps the brain

I found an interesting article in the NY Times yesterday that studies how exercise can benefit the brain and increase its function. 

To learn more about how exercise affects the brain, scientists in Ireland recently asked a group of male college students who are mostly sitting during their average day, to take part in a memory test followed by strenuous exercise.

First, the young men watched a rapid-fire lineup of photos with the faces and names of strangers. After a break, they tried to recall the names they had just seen as the photos again zipped across a computer screen.Afterward, half of the students rode a stationary bicycle, at an increasingly strenuous pace, until they were exhausted. The others sat quietly for 30 minutes. Then both groups took the brain-teaser test again.

Notably, the exercised volunteers performed significantly better on the memory test than they had on their first try, while the volunteers who had rested did not improve.

Meanwhile, blood samples taken throughout the experiment offered a biological explanation for the boost in memory among the exercisers. Immediately after the strenuous activity, the cyclists had significantly higher levels of a protein known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF, which is known to promote the health of nerve cells. The men who had sat quietly showed no comparable change in BDNF levels.

So it goes to show you that people who exercise are smart than those who don't ............... JUST KIDDING. On many levels I am sure that is not true but research does show that if you exercise, it gets your brain moving and working as oppose to doing nothing and not motivating brain flow. So you can now tell your parents your going to the gym to get smarter!

Keep Sweating It!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Saving Yourself After the Thanksgiving Feast

Dont feel bad its important to enjoy yourself every now and again. Feeling guilty for eating and drinking too much now won’t improve your health. Often when people have a ‘blow out’ they feel bad and so decide to ditch the healthy eating completely. You haven’t ruined a diet just by having one weekend of excess, but its time now to take action and get on to a healthy eating plan

Step 1: Cleanse

If you had a few days of excess give your body some help by doing a 1 or 2 day cleanse, using a product like the Isagenix Cleanse for Life to remove any toxins of impurities that have accumulated in your body. Cleanse for Life also contains a range of nutrients to replenish your body with nutrients.

Step 2: Get on to a healthy eating plan

You need to eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. Avoid processed foods, white bread and refined grains. Avoid sugars, candy and other sweets. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol.
If you find you are craving certain foods you are probably not giving your body everything it needs, the Isagenix IsaLean Shake and a cleanse (see above) will help you get the ‘fuel’ you need get back on the track. Isagenix Snacks will also help take the cravings away.

Step 3: Exercise

It’s really important to do daily exercise to keep your body functioning at its best. Even if you just do a 20 minute walk in the morning or a quick in-home work out, it will help.

Its ok to enjoy yourself around the holidays, just know how to get back on track afterwards.

Keep Sweating It!


Everyone has their reasons for trying to get fit

I have always been an athlete ever since I was very little and could barely hold a bat or ball. Growing up with two siblings being raised by a single mother you constantly try to keep busy otherwise you will be sitting in the house alone.

I constantly tried to follow in my sister's footsteps and do everything she did even to the point of taking the same number she was and position  in basketball and softball. Growing up in a small town, most of my friends families owned their own businesses so I was the poorest of them all. I always tried to overcompensate for this by being better in sports and having a super outgoing personality. I think that more than trying to show up my friend's, I was always trying to please my mom and be the best so my mom would make time to come see me play.

My mom is the most busy person I know and was always working two or three jobs to allow her children to have a normal childhood and get all the things regular kids get.  She also didn't know much about sports because she never had time to watch them and was only involved in tennis as a young girl so when she would make time to come to a game she was the worst critic ever.

My mom would come watch my game and ask me at the end "why didn't you hit the ball harder" or "you should have run faster" even though I was already the fastest person on the team and was batting in one of the top positions.

My family has a great sense of humor so if there is any imperfection they will make a joke about it. Sometimes I would go into my grandmothers house thinking that I looked very nice and she would start making fun of my hair or my legs. Having people always criticizing your body and how you look makes you want to be as close to perfect as possible so they don't have anything to talk about.  I can take a joke better than anyone I know but sometimes they stick in the back of your head and make you wonder if there is any truth to them.

I have always felt the best when I am working out because when I think my body looks good, my entire health feels better. I have moved on from caring how other people see me for the most part but now my problem is that since I have always had a very athletic body, if I let it go for a week or two, I see the results and feel a big difference. This is why I believe that fitness will always play a big part in my life because I cant let myself not exercise because it gives me energy and brings my entire mood up.

I have decided that going through all that has made fitness a huge part in my life and will possibly shape my future career.

Keep Sweating It!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

From a Professional Athlete to Professional Coach

I am lucky enough to have a good friend who is dating one of the worlds best female golfers Bettina Hauert. Bettina started her professional career in 2003 winning the Ladies European Tour qualifying school, and in 2004 become the first female golf professional to take a place alongside the men on the Playing Pro Team of the PGA of Germany. 

So Bettina happens to be in the U.S for the Thanksgiving holiday and I met up with her to get some tips about how she stays in shape and prepares for her tournaments.

What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?
My goal is to always be healthy and fit so if I always feel in shape when I do a workout. I don't want to ever not workout for one week and go back to my regimine and feel tired and sore. I like to keep a record of a minimum workout level that I must maintain every time I workout and then increase it each time sometimes working out harder if I have enough time between tournaments. 

 Even though being on the golf course conists mostly of walking, do you include a lot of cardio or running in your workouts?
Yes. Cardio is very important because I must maintain a strong core in order to have good posture and stamina to do an entire golf course. People sometimes dont realise how much walking it is and it takes good endurance to stay in shape for an entire tournament while walking all those miles.

 What is your diet like? 
I am not the type of person that is a crazy carb counter but when I have a big tournament coming up I am very strict with what I put in my body. I like to eat 4 to 5 times a day to keep my metabolism going, which also keeps your energy up. I usually start my breakfast with a bowl of fruits such as blueberries or a banana with oatmeal. Then I will have a small snack before lunch that might consist of yogurt and a sliced apple. I usually have something like a salad for lunch with spinach, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. For dinner I enjoy a grilled chicken wrap with a multigrain pita, lettuce tomato onions, green peppers, and oil and vinegar. I try to add variety to my diet so I never get bored that is very important.

What was the best advice you were ever given?
If you have a dream or a goal you are trying to achieve, you need to identify what you need to do to successfully reach it and do whatever it takes. I wanted to become the best female golfer in Europe and I knew it would be difficult but I wanted it so bad. I trained hard and always kept a winning mindset until I reached my goal. 

Since 2010 Bettina was not been competing in any major tournaments but is transitioning into being a professional coach.
If you have a dream or a goal to get fit, push yourself until you reach it.

Keep Sweating It!

Back to insanity

I have recently fallen into the lazy winter rut and I am trying to get out of it. I decided to go back to the workout that show me the best and fastest results I have ever gotten from a workout, INSANITY.

I swear by this workout because no matter how intense it is, I feel amazing when I am done and I am always sweating like a pig after a mere 15 minute workout. It transforms your entire body right before your eyes.

So if you are ready to shred all that pumpkin pie and delicious turkey pounds you might gain over  this Thanksgiving Holiday visit You Tube and do some quick and intense INSANITY workouts. You will not regret it. 

Keep Sweating It!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How To Lose 5 Pounds Fast

When people think about starting a workout, they are often discouraged because it take sometimes time to see results or weight loss. Sometimes you just need to do a high intensity workout that will allow you to see and feel quick results. I found this workout that I think will be good for anyone who needs you lose some pounds fast. It is a change from your average workout and it incorporates body weight training with high intensity interval training. 

If you complete these 5 easy workout moves, you will not only feel your muscles getting stronger, but you have the results you want, in no time at all.

dotted line
Single-Arm Dumbbell Swing
dotted line
Pushup Row
dotted line
Box Jumps
dotted line
Skater Jumps
dotted line
Dumbbell T-Stabilization
dotted line

Other things to keep in mind that will help you lose weight:

Eat small amounts every few hours. It can help your body burn calories instead of holding on to them. It keeps you feeling full longer, burns calories as it digests, and helps your muscles recover. Include it at every meal. And avoid excess salt, limit foods like broccoli and beans, and add lemon to your water

Keep Sweating It!